This game was made for UDGJ1. The theme is 'BOSS' so naturally I picked the bossiest of them all - Bruce Springsteen!

Code + art: Jhonny Göransson (Twitter)
Character art (and original idea): Jimmy Johansson (Twitter)
Splash art + logo: Axel Hammarbäck (Twitter)
Music: 8 Bit Universe LLC (Twitter)

Keyboard 1
WASD: Movement
Left-control: Punch
Left-shift: Kick
Left-alt: Join game / Jump

Keyboard 2
Arrows: Movement
Comma: Punch
Period: Kick
Space: Join game / Jump

Gamepads (PS4 layout)
Left stick: Movement
Square: Punch
Circle: Kick
X: Join game / Jump


E Street Fighter Band - OSX 8 MB
E Street Fighter Band - Windows 8 MB


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Is it multiplayer only?

Yeah so far, but I’ll hopefully add some rudimentary AI later this week.